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Joannet Creme De Cassis

Joannet Creme De Cassis

Ref: A6011

Our family has lived for several generations in Arcenant, a village which is traditionally known for the culture of small red fruit.

Initially Jean-Baptiste Joannet was a fruit producer in Arcenant, essentially cultivating raspberries, but also strawberries, cherries and black currants. He harvested his fruit and sold it to industry to make liqueur, jam, perfume and extracts …

In the 1970’s, however, he found it more and more difficult to sell his products due to fierce competition from the Eastern European countries whose products could be bought at lower prices. Unfortunately in 1976 a drought destroyed a lot his fruit fields. Convinced of his fruit's superiority and excellent quality in front other growers, Jean-Baptiste did not want to stop production, so he decided to replant his fields. He wanted to market his fruit in a different way. There were several possibilities open to him, and after some attempts, his choice fell on the production of liquers and jam. Driven by this courage and boldness, Jean-Baptiste became the first maker of these fruit products in the region. He was no longer now just a farmer but had also become a 'liquoriste' selling liqueurs made from his own fruit.

The company of Jean-Baptiste Joannet was founded in 1978, where today his liqueurs and jams are still crafted with the greatest care.

Jean-Baptiste’s daughter, Viviane, became the companies manager in 2001 and since 2015 has been assisted by her daughter Elise.

Blackcurrant comes from the Noir de Bourgogne variety and is grown in Arcenant by ourselves. Although only produced in small quantities, this variety of blackcurrant has an incomparable flavour.

The Crème de Cassis 20 % has a more concentrated blackcurrant taste and contains more alcohol. The choice between the one or the other is question of individual taste. The Crème de Cassis is often drunk when mixed with dry white wine ( such as Bourgogne Aligoté to make a 'Kir') or with sparkling wine. But it is also possible to marry it with a red wine, to make a 'Communard'.

It is also possible to use it as a dressing for ice cream and sorbets, as well as sweetening fruit salad, melon, yogurt and dessert or just simply with an ice cube. Creme de cassis is also very refreshing when just mixed with ordinary water.
Above all it must not be forgotten that Creme de Cassis is a digestive which one can drink pure at the end of a meal.


 Contains Sulphites

Region Liqueurs

Grape Fruit (Cremes)

Producer Jean-Baptiste Joannet


Eco Warrior  0

Colour Spirits

Dryness Sweet

Body Full Bodied


Drink Drink or keep

Price: 17.51


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